What is the process for copywriting?

What is the process for copywriting?


Writing might not be your jam

But it is definitely mine…

Step One: Defining your Audience

Well, first it’s a good idea to draw some bubble diagrams about your branding concept. Who is your audience? What kind of language will attract their attention? What kind of tone will hook them in?

Step Two: Designing some Word Families

The next step is to start with SEO (search engine optimisation) and use data to ascertain which words come up the most when people are searching for your product or service. Each word can have denotative and connotative branches from it and we can brainstorm word clusters and word pairings that fit with your brand.

Step Three: Defining Phrases

Putting words together is like painting. Some words kind of clash and others behave harmoniously together. With the branding and purpose of the text in mind, I will start designing some key phrases to use as taglines, bylines or summary sentences across different platforms, pages or descriptions.

Step Four: Debugging

Proof-reading for errors is vital with copywriting. No-one likes a bad spelling or poor grammar. I know that I am prone to writing long, complex and convoluted sentences at times, so debugging involves adding in punctuation, rhythm and natural rests to make the writing work better.

Step Five: Call to Action

All text has a job to do. So, if it is purely to entertain then maybe a ‘follow’ button to your social page is the last full stop that might be needed. If it is to get people to buy your product, a link to your product would be especially helpful. If it is to sign up to a newsletter, then a sign up button is needed. Then we loop back to what the purpose and audience is for the next task.

Fun right? If I can help you with some wordsmithery to drive your branding, please get in touch.