Speaking of the decal (better the decal you know)

I had an epiphany recently when I was restocking one of my retailers with some of my kiwiana bird wall decals. I looked at them and noticed that my style has gotten so much more painterly since I’ve returned to real (non digital) painting regularly again this year. I still love them but they feel like they could do with some new brothers and sisters...

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if my current paintings could be decals too and THEN I thought - hey they can be! They can be decals too!

One of my customers recently wrote to me lamenting that she missed out on a particular painting. Another customer wrote to me to say they needed a painting in a different size than the one that I currently havebut that framing a print would be a bit expensive for them at the moment with their current renovations. Another friend is renting and currently can’t damage the walls with hanging solutions. So DECALS! Decals are the solutions.

Decal prints of my paintings mean that you won’t miss out, you can have one printed in any size (20cm - 80cm in diameter) and you can stick them anywhere without damaging your walls. Could this possibly be the best idea I have had recently?

If you have missed out on a painting how about getting a print of it as a wall decal instead? They are nicely priced for gifts, look great on all smooth surfaces, can be repositioned and removed easily without damaging walls and, of course, they offer a lovely pop of colour in circle format (which goes with everything). 

So if you are not in the market for a real painting (yet), want to have some of my work on your walls or maybe even want to give a great gift then I recommend my new jungle wall decals as a solution. (I’ve got two in my bathroom and they are fine in wet areas too!)

Colour up! Get some lovely colourful jungle in your life. We don’t mind keeping the paintings if getting decals printed means we can share the love...

Epiphany or what?

Epiphany or what?