Our future is change - back to the future revisited

This blog was originally published as small collection of haiku when, at 40 weeks pregnant and feeling like a Goliath, I had time to tune in to my belly and the very scary thought of becoming a mother to two. My son was not yet two and soon he was to become a big brother to an at the time unknown little brother or sister. 

Here they are again with a new poem friend attached at the end to tie them nicely to the present. This poem is a poem that I wrote last night, when, listless and full of too many ideas, I felt a longing to write a little poem again. Just the littlest of poems to express some very big feelings that have only gotten bigger since the beginning. Because words can do things to your heart, can't they? Sometimes they kind of sing a song of their own and it's like you can't even claim them because they just arrive. 

A little ode to the haiku while we wait:


Strange stomach stretches

knowing a baby is growing

two new hearts beating.


Lights out for baby

naughtiness begins at once

new parents giggle.


I wake to grey sky

rain floating like it's snowing

soft kisses from god.


My how you have grown

love bigger than both of us

I watch you sleeping.


Our future is change

reminded with every kick

our lives wait for you.

None of the above poems have titles and I suppose that's the beauty and simplicity of haiku. Yet this one has a big title, addressing a big love and then I deliberated for hours on the right conjunction to tie it all together. I settled on 'For' but the poem also changes in the most beautiful of ways when you replace the conjunction with 'So' or 'Yet' and, 'But' also is a contender. But For won, you'll probably agree.

Here it is:

On the astronomic bond between a parent and child

The moon is big,

The stars are far,

I hold your hand,

For here we are. 

And in meme form in case you might like to share it.

And in meme form in case you might like to share it.


Katrina Ward is an artist and creative who loves words, strong coffee, imagining things in ridiculous scales and drinking cold beer in the bath. She currently works as a Postgraduate Facilitator for The Mind Lab in the Taranaki region (teaching teachers) and also paints and makes out of her home studio in New Plymouth, New Zealand.