Mother and Child Breastfeeding Prints - Best Sellers

My breastfeeding portrait prints were inspired by Matisse's cut out Blue Nude series. I love the way that he simplified form into quite awkwardly cut out shapes yet somehow still has made really harmonious compositions. I'm still a bit obsessed with the cut out idea using silhouettes and blocks of colour to represent forms - except these days I am introducing more pattern to go with the colour blocked shapes. The Mother and Child series is more derivative of the original works by Matisse except I introduced babies and mothers in seated breastfeeding positions.

My Mother and Child series (2016) was an investigation into mothers breastfeeding their children and was first designed as I was beginning to get nostalgic about my own weaning journey when our daughter was nearly three years old.  I loved breastfeeding and we still are continuing with some attachment parenting aspects. I love the closeness that happens when breastfeeding and I think this comes through in the series. The bond between a mother and child is something so magical, I'm not sure I ever could have known what was coming before I had kids. This series still gives me the warm fuzzies as well as a shot of sweet nostalgia as our kids are much older now.

It's nice to know my Mother and Child (After Matisse) series are still a popular series of prints! They even have been printed as a set of cushions in a Birthcare reception which I especially loved hearing about. Most people have puchased these prints to hang in nurseries or to gift for new mothers. I would love them anywhere. These prints are currently one of my art licensed products sold via my society6 store. This site makes a range of products for me (great quality! I buy from them too!) and I get a commission on all sales with my designs on them. I love how the digital age has opened up so many interesting collaboration possibilities for artists and I also love how designs can have a whole life of their own once they leave my studio. These ladies are going places and I am proud to be their art-mama. 

I love the combination of cut out shapes representing the bond between mother and child.

I love the combination of cut out shapes representing the bond between mother and child.