Hi Flyer


I made a little 'Hi' Flyer today to introduce my new website in its almost-shareable form. (It takes ages to upload and figure out this stuff!)

I draw every day and subsequently have SO MANY GOODIES to share. In fact, I've found it really hard to decide which of my drawings and textiles should be included so I've just chosen a few of my favourites for now and there are still a lot more to come. Take a look and let me know what you think!

It's weird blogging on a new platform. (Hi!) It feels like I'm standing on a brand new soap box in front of a whole new audience and I feel all shy and strange. 

You see, my latest business baby was a wee fashion brand called Outie where I blogged about parenting and life and fashion and designing and the juggles and struggles of being a work-at-home Mum. I designed fabric and made breastfeeding dresses for mums who like to get sh*t done and still have fun and, as my own babies are getting bigger and my own time constraints are more strained, that fashion project has fallen away to leave room for this new baby which, all along, has really been my passion. Drawing! It's so exciting to be able to have a platform to share my drawings and my textiles AND my words on! I no longer need to run several little Facebook pages and I can have everything in one nicely designed little online space. Streamlined design coming right up!

So here I am drawing and sharing my ramblings and scramblings once again except it's a bit more exciting because I can make so many things for so many people and I am no longer limited to making dresses. Today, for example, I designed a logo for a new local business collaboration, tweaked some wallpaper designs, organised a collaboration for some lovely miniature dollshouse-sized home decor things and shipped off several art prints to their new homes. I also started on a BIG list for another 100 day challenge and emailed some stores to stock my work. I also battled with my four year old's rising testosterone levels and had a two year old on my hip for a big portion of the day - but this is all part of my little one-woman show.

I have high hopes for this 'Hi Flyer'. This year I want to sell my work in more retail stores, collaborate with more businesses on new and interesting projects (I already have so many in the pipeline let me tell you!) and up the anti on my art licensing so that more people can use my lovely designs in their own work and use my fabrics for their own home projects. In this here blog I plan to share DIY projects, behind the scenes sneak peeks, design inspiration, trend analysis, collaborations, general fun and of course the odd bit of personal stuff which is the inevitable territory of any blogger who also has a real offline life.

So hey ho! Let's go!

I'm SO looking forward to sharing my projects and drawings with you.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and 'Hi!'


P.S. I would say 'excuse the pun' but I firmly believe that puns are fun and should never be excused. X